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Ron Katagiri is an emerging artist from Pasig City who considers himself as an adventurous jack of all trades. A registered nurse by profession but an artist by passion. He works for ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Incorporated as a Product Design and Development Specialist and, at the same time, the brain child behind the small online business, Katagiri bags. He is a writer, marketing specialist, event coordinator, song composer, blogger and entrepreneur. Of all the things he love doing, he is mostly into arts as it brings more gratifying rewards to his lifetime goal; which is to inspire people through expressing his emotions.

As an artist, Ron believes that everything is art and everyone is an artist. He creates pieces not to impress but to simply express the instinctive form of conceptualization and imagination in a given work. Ron interprets an art work like a song where he is the composer and the audience are the singers. Each viewer has their own individuality thus interpretation of the piece. It can be mostly related to personal experiences or emotions capturing the individual's deepest soul illustrated with a multitude of shades on a canvas.

Since 2008, he slowly evolved from a hobbyist to an art entrepreneur. He sold more than a hundred of his masterpieces to friends and online clients who enjoyed his painting style well. He loves painting with oil, coffee, acrylic and watercolor. From abstract to portraiture, religious to surreal, traditional to contemporary; he has gone far from his roots of coffee painting and now enjoys doing oil art on big canvases for his important and appreciative clients. Now he wants to widen his market on his plan to conquer the international art scene by joining more exhibits and competition and hopefully, one day, become a national artist.

He is a passionate artist who loves to express his own thoughts and emotions in every artistic way he could. He is sure to prove more in terms of pouring out his being to fulfill his lifetime ambitions. 


  1. You had me at your blog name. Cool. Galing ng mga masterpiece mo! :)

    1. Naku maraming salamat po. I am glad you enjoyed my little cyber space.


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