About the Site

The site revolves around Art. It started as a journal blog where I shared most of my experiences in life hoping to inspire other people with my short stories. Mainly, it has three categories now: The Blabs (short write ups), The Art (featured art works), and For Sale (most of my art works and bags).

A special tab is dedicated to all my bag designs that I sell online.

The main point of the site is to inspire other people through Art: the art of painting, doodling, writing, bag designing, photography, etc.

As I said, everything is art and everyone is an artist. This is a piece of tranquility that makes me sane throughout all the emotional and mental issues I deal with in my everyday life. I consider this as a therapy, an outlet, a cyber place where I can do everything that I love without being confined in the limits of the hideous norms.  

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