Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who Would Have Thought?

One of my colleagues was desperate to get an affordable makeup artist for their graduation photo. She needed someone good but affordable so she asked me to try it. She provided all the materials needed justified that since I am an artist, it should not be far from what I do on a canvas.

I accepted the challenge and asked other friends to join in. We joked around that our need for money can make us do a lot of different things. It was a super fun experience trying on a different hat being a Makeup artist. We took on the challenge of painting almost 50 faces for a span of 8 hours. It was physically exhausting; but the fun that comes with it was really worth the try.

And it did not ended on that day. Due to, I guess, the good work we did, we had another bulk session at the Ateneo Graduate school. So I guess it is also a good source of extra income on the side.

After the gig, we got invited to do other gigs, too. It was fun and I plan on really taking it seriously. I mean why not, if it can bring more money in the table. 

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