Monday, February 15, 2016

Where to Burst Your Juice

This year should be a little different. I wanted to lay low and really focus on the arts. With the many aspects of my life from my day job at the Foundation to my arts, bags, events and all others; I thought I needed to focus my energy on a more productive and beneficial side. I put much value on my energy; thus, my time is also important for me. I thought, if an aspect in my life doesn't welcome my artistic juices well; then might as well focus my creative energy elsewhere. Some place where I have more freedom and acceptance. As suppose to pushing myself to be accepted in something that may have long been covered up with insecurities and devious intentions. I now always ask myself if it is worth my time and energy before I dive into it. Some things will never change and I just have to roll with the punches. Let it glide, they say. Because as much as your intentions are pure; and you kinda wanna change the game and be proactive, if the people you are working with are just driven by selfish agendas or political ambitions and insecurities; then there is no point in pushing through. After all, I have so much creative energy that I can turn into cash; rather than waste it to people who are unappreciative and unworthy. 

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