Friday, November 6, 2015

The Hunt for Experience: Itadakimasu

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Youtube videos before I sleep. I follow a few channels and keep track of their episodes because it is highly entertaining. One in particular is a Japanese girl who eats an unbelievable amount of food every single video. Surprisingly, she is very skinny despite the amount of food she eats in a single serving. Whether it is for real or not, I am highly entertained watching her even though I really don't understand a single word she says. She likes putting rice flavourings on top of her meal and would usually put Japanese mayonnaise, too. Since she makes me crave for whatever she eats, I had to go to the nearest Japanese store and buy me some toppings.

Since then I have enjoyed putting the Japanese rice toppings in any meal I can possibly mix it. It just gives the Japanese flair to any meal. I happen to even enjoy a serving of rice with a simple canned tuna and mayonnaise. Of course you have to eat it with a chop sticks for the complete experience of it. Then you have to shout, just like the Youtube girl, before you dine, "Itadakimasu!"

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