Saturday, November 7, 2015

Buknoy and Friends

When I was little, I enjoyed it more when I sit in a corner to write and draw than play. It had been my dream to become a writer and illustrator.

I had three friends who's always with me when I dream: Buknoy, Sussy and Diwata. Every time I am alone, bored or wanted to block the world around me, they appear to play with me on a sheet of paper. Every stroke of my hand would move effortlessly and come up with their images.

Buknoy is my favourite. He is simple, cute, obedient and stress free. I can't remember his special powers but my long-lost playmate said he has one. I only know he can fly because I've always wanna fly.

Sussy is the attention grabber. Her hair is inspired by that of Tina Turner's and you can never see her eyes because of her thick bangs. She has a very humongous set of boobies pretty much inspired by Britney's "Oops I did it Again" music video. Her jeans is a little low-waisted since that was the trend back in the day.

Diwata, is obviously, the most majestic. If only I was able to keep all my sketchbooks since childhood, you would never see Diwata not on a side view. She always is so she can show here beautiful pointed nose and fire-like hair style. She can never decide between a strapless or strapped bikini top. Nevertheless, her bikini is still majestic. It changes according to her mood.

They are my playmates ever since. Products of my imagination.

Over the years, a lot has changed. They slowly went off with time and I lost contact with them. The voices of my old comic strips that I hid from the world are all gone and has flown with time.

I wonder where are they now?

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