Saturday, November 14, 2015


I missed painting on big canvases. There is a different feeling when I see my work on big pieces. A couple commissioned me to do the art works for their newly bought house. I am honoured to be chosen as their artist. They are both swimmers; thus, the theme of the entire collection is water and aquatic life. It is far from my usual and it is a challenge I am willing to take. I seldom use the shade of blue on my pieces and I had to explore the lighter side of me for the entire series.

So I challenged myself to never use the black shade in any of the pieces I would make for this collection.

The first set is done. It is a three-piece set for their entertainment room. The piece had to be a little abstraction of a sea shore.

It was my first time trying out an abstract landscape and I enjoyed it. As simple as it looked, I have never been more challenged than when I did the clouds for the series. The soft strokes and little details took me 2 days to complete. But I super enjoyed the outcome. 

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  1. I really love paintings since I was a child. Actually, my childhood dream was to be a painter.


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