Saturday, October 24, 2015

Who Throws the Towel?

For a few month before the confession night happened, the relationship is getting a little rocky. Fights and arguments happen almost every day for the simplest reason there can be.

A night came when lover of 6 years said he is no longer happy. But my friend continued and pursued to make it work. Even when lover packed his bags and went back to his house. They reconciled and it was still shaky. One night the lover admitted he has had it. He will quit his job immediately because he wanted to pursue a dream he's had for the longest. He wanted to go abroad. And not just go abroad, the ex boyfriend will help the lover and the lover will live together with the ex boyfriend overseas.

I can only imagine how painful it is for my friend. Lover and ex boyfriend planned it until the night of confession. My friend did not even see it coming.

But lover wanted to stay with my friend. Keep the relationship long distance while he lives with his ex boyfriend. We didn't hear from them after a day or two when my friend told us the story.

The next time we met, my friend and his lover seemed okay. As if nothing of that magnitude is happening.  Until we had a chance to talk about it.

My friend chose to stay and cross the bridge when they get there. He said, if they'll break up might as well make the most out of it. He'll just wait and see who will throw the towel off. Who gives up first. He is willing to keep it even in long distance.

Of course, as friends, we can only be there to support. But thinking about it, if it happens to you, would you have done the same thing?


  1. i will never let that happen to me. kung sila, sila. kung kami, kami lang dapat.

  2. I read somewhere that love and relationships go beyond just feelings, the decisions of those involved are just as important, too.


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