Friday, October 9, 2015


I have seen it before my eyes. A lot of people dreamed of a pattern in their lives: finish college, gain a little experience, go abroad and save money, go back home and put up a business.

From what I have seen, not everyone who attempted to live the dream made it. In fact, I haven't seen one who really was that successful. A typical dream is to go back home after spending years of working abroad and put up maybe an apartment and sit back comfortably earning money.

One thing I have seen, life is not that easy.

We all struggle to be on top of our games in the hopes that it would bring us happiness. Life can be simple. One thing is consistent, we all strive for happiness. as cliché and simple as it seems, a lot people die without getting it.

How many times have we seen people reach the top and when they do, they realize how lonely it is to be there. On their way, they lost a lot of friends, family members taken for granted and all other things slowly vanished because they focused on their career and money. They forgot to live a life. Money and work became their life.

People are, by nature, unsatisfied. We always wanted more. We dream and accomplish things and yet we still want more. It never ends. And even when we get to the top, we would realize it is not worth it. What we've lost versus what we have is not fair.

At this early I realized the value of living the life. The destination is not that important, the journey is. Because when we get to where we are heading, we realize we are exhausted and we just wanna rest. And while we all strive to be the better us, we must not forget to live life. Be happy.

Happiness is not guaranteed by money and being on top. Sometimes it only takes a little eye opening for us to appreciate the little things and blessings that come our way. Appreciation makes us happy. And everything else will follow.

Like I always say, life is too short so live it to the fucking fullest. As we get busy making money, we must not forget to enjoy it at the same time. Create a perfect balance as supposed to being so serious and stiff to reach the top.

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