Monday, October 12, 2015

Going Overseas

It was a Saturday evening when we decided to see each other for a bottle. Over a glass of wine we talked about life.

He wanted to go abroad. It is his ultimate dream. And finally, he will now be able to achieve it. But everything comes with a cost. With the opportunity to try his luck and achieve his dream, he needs to sacrifice a life lived happily with his lover.

We have all heard stories of our countrymen who went to war of being OFW. The sacrifices and hardships they needed to endure so they can provide decent meals to their family and loved ones back home.

So I ask, how low are you willing to go for an opportunity abroad? We've seen professionals who willingly took blue collar jobs abroad just so they can earn more. Not that there is anything wrong with it. In fact, it is a noble job we all can be proud of. But sacrificing the comfort of home for money can become a big question.

How much are you willing to give to get something? And is that something worthy?

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