Monday, October 5, 2015

Feed the Soul and Find the Passion

Photo from One Kapamilya Newsline Editorial Team
We struggle to be at the top of our games in the hopes it can bring us happiness. We tend to usually make it a bit more complicated. One thing is consistent, we all strive for happiness. As cliché and simple as it seems, a lot of people struggle to have it.

People are, by nature, unsatisfied. We always want more. We dream and accomplish things and yet we still want more. It never ends. And some, if not most, who get there would realize that it is not worth it. What was lost versus what’s gained is not fair at all.

We need to realize the true value of living the life. The destination is not that important, the journey is. Because when we get to where we are heading, we realize we are exhausted. So before we come to the realization that it is already too little too late, why not start enjoying every bit of what our journey offers now. And while we all strive to be the better us, we must not forget to live life. Be happy. 

Happiness is not guaranteed by money and being on top. Sometimes it only takes a little eye opening for us to appreciate the little things and blessings that come our way. Appreciation makes us happy. And everything else will follow.

Like I always say, life is too short so live it to the fullest. Create a balance as supposed to being so serious and stiff to reach the top. Never forget to discover your passion, smile and feed your soul regularly. 

My mom once told me that a life well lived is a life lived for others.

Keep the fire burning and be happy, Kapamilya!


  1. had a deja vu moment there for a minute.

    i was talking to a co-worker earlier today about this as well. and the advice from your mom about life lived for others.....i just posted a similar quote in my bestfriend's FB page a few days ago.


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