Monday, September 28, 2015

Bag for a Cause

As most of you may have noticed, I recently took a break from designing and producing bags for my JapaneseAdobo line. Somewhere along the way, I lost the inspiration. The fire that burns inside me subsided for a time. I concentrated on the business part of things and got swamped with many things. I became so structured that I forgot the driving force behind it, my passion for arts. It became so stiff that all I did was plan and strategize. Then I recently realized, it was not how I do business when I was starting out. I was always driven by passion.

Lucky for me, the industry came knocking again for new opportunities. One thing I am sure of is to never say no to blessings.

Like when it all started, I was given a task at work to design a new bag for the Organization. So I did, and it made me experience the whole magic again. It kinda reminds me that the fire is still there, and I just needed to ignite my creative senses once again.

And although my designs for the Foundation has been banked, yet again, I am glad that it made me realize things. Amidst the busy work schedule I have now, I could never afford to lose that creative outlet. Even just for nostalgia, and nothing else. 

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