Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Masterpiece Under a Diva Light

"Diva Lit"
Acrylic on Canvas
10" x 8"

I came to a place where I longed for acceptance and care. Growing up, it became hard to easily trust anyone. I've dealt with many people and became friends with most of them. It takes time for me to open up; but once I do, it means I trust you whole heartedly.

I have dealt with many heart aches and betrayals along the way. Even my own demons consumed me to full darkness. Anger has been my fortress to nurse the pain. I was wrong.

Recently, I healed myself from being in darkness. I was at that place for such a long time that I forgot to identify the difference between anger and comfort. It took awhile but now I'm better. I'[m found.

I avoid resentment for friends who betray or turn a back on me. I figured - I am not young anymore. We are not in high school.

Maturity comes with an understanding that people come and go; sometimes even the most trusted friends can turn their backs in a snap. It is more important to value a few who are really proven to be there no matter what. Or whatever happens, it is most important to know where to cling to when no one will be there. It will only be you and the Big Guy from up above.

Instead of crying it out or holding a grudge, I count my blessings. I thought it is their burden to carry and not mine. It is better to live with happiness and light. My life is full of wonderful people and so many blessings. It would only make me ungrateful to hold a single drop of resentment in me. For every friend lost, a greater blessing is given as long as you are holding the light on your side.

The beauty of a masterpiece is not seen in the dark. My edge is I happen to be standing under a fabulous diva light. 

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  1. There's a lot of points here that are so true, maturity and counting just the blessings, again, that's maturity.

    I really love those art pieces right there! :)


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