Monday, July 13, 2015

New Era

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first 3 tiles laid out on the floor. I thought it was beautiful. In a few more days, we are moving to a new residence. This time, it is a condo unit somewhere in Quezon City. It is finally ours. No more renting for us this time.

It is a very tiny unit of only 20 square meters in total. Your regular bathroom may even be bigger than our entire pad, to say the least. But that little space is a beautiful fruit of our labor. I take pride with every inch of a thing and drop of a paint that it has. I’m proud to say that it is a product of our hard work and perseverance.

Growing up, I know as early as in third grade that I wanted to have a tiny home I can call my own. I remember drawing floor plans and computing for material costs while I was hiding at the bottom of the stair case. Our school guidance councilor once talked to me, it was a vivid memory. I remember telling her, I felt alone all my childhood life for I have no house I can call my own. I never felt I belonged.

I grew up living from one relative to another; thus, my longing to have a place of my own. As a kid I’ve always daydreamed and it has been my constant tranquilizer to sleep imagining how my dream house would look like. I never wanted a big house. I thought it was tiring and impractical.

A little over some years of hard work, a dream is now coming to reality. For a child who never had a house he can call a home, this is a big achievement for me.

We are coming to a new chapter in our lives; and I am so excited for what it will bring to us. 


  1. congratulations. what a big step to take but definitely for the better.


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