Friday, July 17, 2015

High School Romance

I was at a busy airport with my partner when I saw an ex lover, a high school puppy love. He was with his mom and sister. I was waiting for my domestic flight while he just came from an international one. I felt excited to see him and immediately approached to ask for a selfie. He obliged but he was obviously not in the mood. My partner knows who he is and it is okay for him to take our photo.

We tried to find a good spot to take the photo, an elevated one perhaps. Together with his luggage and a four-wheeled motorcycle, we went and take the photo. I realized I was wearing a souvenir shirt from Boracay while he had his suit on. I felt a little embarrassed for being underdressed.

He finally warmed up and we had a little talk. He has no plans of going back abroad to work. He is staying in the Philippines for good. A British lady assisted my partner in taking the photo up the elevated place.

After the shot, we prepped to go back to the airport. My partner and I agreed that I can ride the motorcycle with my ex puppy lover while he and the British lady would take a different ride.

I drove the motorcycle and was a little tensed. I don’t want to show him that I was panicking at the moment so I had to do my best playing it cool.

We took a few dangerous turns before I was finally in full control. He was a little quiet the entire ride. Somehow I felt he was in full confidence riding with me even after all that dangerous turns. He never told me to stop.

We took another turn and realized we might be a little lost. We found a small nipa hut and decided to stop over. On our way to the sari-sari store’s veranda, he held my hand tight. The moment felt so romantic.

He asked for the direction while I was exploring the area. I was destructed by a little white goat and held it in my arms. It was so gentle and sweet. I suddenly realized I needed to blog that moment. I knew I was dreaming and I knew I had to blog about that dream.

Then I woke up smiling. Baby love romance will always bring a special smile in us. Those childish ways of exploring what love is; is what keeps it so special and vulnerable. As immature as it can be, the careless spirit and joy gives us liberty.

And whatever my dream may mean, I am grateful to feel like I was in high school again; even just for a moment after waking up.

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  1. Very sweet. I can feel butterflies in my stomach while reading this.


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