Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Freestyle Art

I have been making art since as far as I can remember and lately I’m exploring different styles and forms just to see where it can take me. The best thing about art is that there are no rules. 

I have been currently enjoying freestyle painting when I get my off on a weekend. No drafts, no pressure, I just let my imagination and hands take me where the canvas will be transformed. The carefree spirit that comes with it is the best part. 

Lately, my process was simple: I play a selection of Bjork and Bhaddu on the background, put some paints on the palette and let the music take me wherever as I dub the strokes down the empty canvas. It feels good and rejuvenating. It becomes my sweet escape.

For a boring person like me, I usually get elated every time the brush touches the canvas taking an image I desire to achieve. It is my drug, art.

And I know not many people would find my latest 'trip' sellable to the market but who cares. I do my art pieces for my own consumption. Unless of course it is a commissioned work; which, is totally a different story.  

1 comment:

  1. Ganun pala :) Minsan I really wonder kung paanong parang hindi nauubusan ng mga ideya ang isang artist. May mga ganito palang 'moments' :)

    Paano naman pala kapag 'commisioned work'? Paanong naiiba ang proseso sa freestyle?...
    Ang freestyle art ba ay pwede ring maging commisioned work? and vice versa...

    Dami kong tanong lols.


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