Saturday, May 23, 2015

Suburbian Housewife Syndrome

Missy announced the separation from her husband quite dramatically. We were there to comfort her as she weeps her ass out trying to tell the story. Finally the awful truth came out after all these years trying to hide it from her beautiful big smile and a perky attitude. We never really trusted what she shows up front ever since. We knew all of what she does is a big act. It is a show to front the good side and never the bad side. So we thought, how can you trust someone who is not trusting enough to be vulnerable to you on the other end. she has a shinny wall guard glimmering with all sorts of confetti.

Missy can be all too showbizy. She just wants to show the good side of things. Even when it is a little too obvious, she would never let you see her sweat. She mastered the art of pretention.

Missy is all fun and perky. She puts up a big smile and a jolly attitude for everyone to see. She is the life of the party. When you get to know her more, you'll see a different side of Missy. But even when it is too obvious, she would never admit that something is wrong.

Missy is a perfect image of a Suburbian Housewife; thus, I coined her to be having a "Suburbian-Housewife syndrome". She is as fake as the beautiful smile down the neat packaging of a foul rotten meal. You may seem to like her at first glance. You might even enjoy the candy-coated chocolate from within. But those entire bright and shiny exterior is an awful truth trying its best to be hidden.


  1. at least nailabas na rin niya ang ikinalulungkot ng buhay niya...
    somehow, masaya na rin ako para kay Missy dahil naibahagi na niya ito sa inyo.
    at buti na lang may mga kaibigan pa rin siya, tingin ko naman naiintindihan ninyo kung bakit siya naging ganuon dati...

    #FeelingFriendDinAko :)

  2. That's really hard for missy i bet, most of the housewives i think, will become like missy, maybe she's just afraid to lose her family and the person she loves. :) Time would heal.

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