Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 Things We Enjoyed During The LaBoracay Weekend

If you are one of those people who subconsciously or consciously feel bitter and insecure about the whole idea of Laboracay, or you are one of those who can't accept the fact that Boracay is a place that merges the serene beautiful beach and outrageous parties; then stop reading this post now.

I have seen Boracay at its most peaceful state when I was in high school travelling with family. I’ve grown up and seen Boracay at its current state; and frankly, I enjoyed it better today. Boracay, for me, is a one stop shop for enjoying the relaxing beach and the youthful vibe of partying at the same time. You can relax or party or do both in one exceptionally beautiful paradise.

It was that time of the year again when people from different parts of the archipelago would gather in one paradise to flaunt their hard earned sexy bodies

. In preparation, people would usually start working their asses off right after the Christmas festivities. The result - Bikini ready bodies that's meant to be flaunted at the beach.

I and my friends would normally go to Boracay on a normal summer weekend every year to enjoy the hot summer sun of the south. This year, however, we decided to go to Laboracay weekend just for the whole experience of it. We thought we might as well experience the whole chaos that people have been raving about before they cancel the whole thing sooner or later.

After a five day stay, I was able to come up with my top ten things to enjoy during the Laboracay weekend.

1. The White Beach
Needless to say, the best part of the whole experience is the incomparable beautiful white sand beach of Boracay. For me, it is the best beach I've ever been into so far. I specifically love it during the low tide time of the day where you can practically walk through the ankle-high water within meters from the sea shore. In Boracay, I don't have the anxious feeling of something biting me under water or I might step into a sharp stone while in it. It is just pure perfection.

2.The People
People in Boracay are pretty hot. Imagine doubling up the number of beach body perfection walking and partying all day. It makes the whole definition of paradise as it really is. This time during Laboracay however, Boracay is like a hot paradise on steroids. Men from everywhere are all buffed up for this weekend and ladies are simply looking divine. It was like a bikini open convention happening at the entire island. I have never seen Boracay full of too many hot people walking around.

3. The Fashion Statements
From cover ups, bikinis, trunks, sandos and board shorts; everybody has a statement of their own. I specifically enjoyed looking into what people are wearing and how less are they wearing while strolling down the beach. Fashion trends are pretty evident, less is more.

4. The Beach Activities
For first timers in the island, I’d highly suggest to try as much beach activities as you could with your friends. Boracay now offers the best and most innovative beach activities there is in the country. As for me and my friends, we were contented to just spend the entire day drinking, eating and partying.

5. The Parties
Laboracay is definitely all about partying. Companies and Brands take advantage of the traffic of people; thus, sponsored parties are everywhere. And that is exactly what we came to Boracay for. Some of the all time favorites would have to be the parties at The White House, Epic, Tides and Juice Bar. It was just simply super fun and festive.

6. The Freebies
Since there were a lot of different companies and brands wanting people's attention, a lot would usually give freebies as long as you are willing to give them a piece of your time. In our case, we got free meals, VIP tickets, liquor and other small trinkets. Thanks, of course, to our friends and random agents who approached us during the whole stay.

7. The Travel
This trip was also the first time we tried riding the 2Go cruise ship to the island. We have heard about their roof deck parties and so we thought we might as well try it. Unfortunately, we got a little too comfortable in our beds and missed the whole extravaganza. But nevertheless, it was still a fun trip. Another cool thing we discovered were the electric-powered vehicles that's being used as transportation around the island. It is good to know that the local government of Boracay is doing its conscious efforts to help save the environment through these eco-tricycles.

8. The Food
Food selection in Boracay has now grown wider and better. Aside from the ever so reliable Andox chicken as recovery food, we have discovered and agreed that these are some of the gems you can find in the island:

a.    The first on our list is definitely the Spice Bird located at D Mall. They serve the best Piri-Piri Board where you can choose from chicken, pork or shrimp. Truly, the sauce makes everything else so exciting. I am definitely coming back for more.

b.    We can never miss out on the best burrito we have ever had, and that is Manana. Its taste and dining experience is simply consistent in giving us the best of everything Boracay can offer.

c.     Third on our list is the Island Chicken Inasal along the stretch of restaurants in D Mall. Their inasal is just the right taste that it will make you wanna order for extra rice. You also have to try their Batchoy, just for the experience.

d.    You can also never miss out having Jonah’s Shake and food. They are Boracay’s staples; which is amazing to have on a hot sunny afternoon with friends.

e.      Some of the other best meals we’ve had would be our lunch at the Puka Beach and the Real Coffee Breakfast I tried during the last morning of our stay.

9.  The Happy Hour
Happy Hour in Boracay only means sunset partying while chilling with friends. We usually pre-load at Station 1 before we party at night. It was a consistent activity to take advantage of the cheaper price of liquor. Almost all restaurants and bars offer a Happy Hour or Sun Set Rate.

10. The Other Side of the Island

Anyone visiting the island should never miss checking out the other side of it. We took a tricycle to reach the Puka Beach to enjoy a more peaceful ambiance while eating out and swimming with friends. There is also the Spider House which we failed to visit; but nevertheless, it was serenity in the middle of a chaotic weekend for us. 


  1. Ito na ata ang pinakamahaba mong blogpost na nabasa ko :)
    Iko-consider ko ang mga "10-things" mo na ito pag nakapunta ako ng Boracay! hehehe.

    Bukod sa mga magaganda mong kuha ng larawan, ang cute naman nung "paa" hahaha, ang weird but cool kasi halos pantay ang mga daliri, di ko alam kung bakit nag-flash bigla sa alaala ko yung movie na "feng shui" yung may naglalakad na naka-foot bind, kinilabutan tuloy ako lols

    At ang Puka Beach, naalala ko naman si Bogart the explorer, kasi na-feature niya ito sa isa sa mga shows niya.

    Parang na-feel ko na rin ang "Laboracay" habang nagbabasa :)

    1. hahahaa. natawa ako sa description mo sa paa ko. lol. hahahaha. di ko rin alam bat ganun mga daliri ng paa ko e, lol. i hope you'll enjoy boracay when u go there.

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