Friday, April 3, 2015

Staycationing Holy Week

Every year, my friends and I would usually hit the beach to unwind and take advantage of the long holiday from work. It has been over 4 years that we have regularly been going out of town to enjoy the heat of the summer sun. There was even a time when we made it a little more meaningful when we opted to take the HIV test every summer on the beach just so we can make it a habit.

A friend of mine bought the book of @CityBuoy, one of our favourite bloggers
This year, we didn’t plan a thing. We thought, just for a change, we might as well enjoy staying in and doing nothing. Just like the old times when you do nothing but stare at a blank TV, kill yourself with boredom and force yourself to enjoy watching Holy Week specials on local TV.

Staycation has evolved into a different form nowadays. The, then, boring household turns into a fancy five star hotel with room service, pool area and a couple of dear friends who’s willing to join in the fun.

Thanks to our friend from Diamond Hotel in Manila, we get to enjoy the relaxing stay; while, all at the same time, tour Manila in a traffic-free and oddly weird almost-empty-streets of China town.

We started with a late lunch at Yamazaki Little Tokyo in Makati. As usual, we enjoyed their delightful set meal that includes a bowl of ramen, gyoza and my favorite, Yasai Itame.

We headed straight to the hotel after a late lunch to enjoy the afternoon sun. It was a nice swimming session down their 4 feet pool while doing my best to get a little tan. Unfortunately, the bathing didn’t take effect on me.

When in Manila, we make sure to enjoy the nostalgic feel of Intramuros. It was a very nice day to do food tripping along the almost-empty streets of the city. On our walk, we spotted a good old sari-sari/bakery store that brought nostalgia to us. It is now very seldom that you see bakeries with tables set in front so customers can dine in. Only in Manila that you can still find those.

Of course we had to eat pianono and egg pie with a bottle of drink, the old fashioned “tambayan” way. Those two Pinoy pastries are simply bites of childhood memories. I wanted to try the other delectable-looking pastries displayed, but I had to control myself.

Manila Cathedral was a surprise to us. It was incredibly gorgeous that we can’t stop looking at it. Especially during nighttime when they lit the lights illuminating its beautiful architectural design. We felt like we were transported to Rome that instant.
After a walk down memory lane, we decided to hit China Town to eat at our all time favorite, Wai Ying. The restaurant was still jam-packed so we had to wait in line for a table. It was simply amazing. We ordered our usual and decided to order more of our latest favorite, Bean Curd.

A few of our other friends came over soon as we got back to our hotel room. We had a little wine before hitting the sack.

The next day, we enjoyed snuggling in our hotel comforter and doing nothing but sleep all day. There was however a sleep-break when we decided to go down the pool area for another quick plunge. I, on the other hand, enjoyed my time alone at the bathtub.

What better way to kill time than eat, sleep and take selfies.

Photo by @MisterAlegre
Speaking of eating, nobody should skip trying Diamond Hotel’s famous ensaymada! We had to have a few plates of this ultra delicious dessert to satisfy our cravings.

Nighttime came and we all went out to do Visita Iglesia for the first time. Our route brought us to Malate Church, Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus in MOA, Baclaran Church, St. Alphonsus Mary Di Liguori Parish in Magallanes, Sacred Heart Church in Makati, St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Bel-Air II, and Santuario de San Antonio along McKinley Road.

The staycation experience brought new memories and mostly made this year’s Holy Week a little more meaningful to us.

Today, Good Friday, we decided to all stay home and do nothing but reflect. It is also my late Mama Becca’s 64th Birthday today. Her birthday fell on Good Friday so we won’t be able to do the usual things this year. Maybe we’ll do it on Easter Sunday instead. Happy Birthday Ma’!


  1. Siguro one time susubukan ko ang Manila tour. Isa sa mga very cheap na travelling adventure since taga dito lang din naman ako sa Metro ☺

    1. I agree. it is very cheap and super nostalgic. specially kung mahilig ka sa history and chaotic beauty. hehehe

  2. FISH BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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