Thursday, April 30, 2015

Selfless Giving

I was raised without a perfect picture of a family. From one relative to another I was passed around until I'm able to finish my college education. I am forever grateful for the help of each and every person who took me to where I am now.

One thing that was instilled to me when I was growing up is to help people unconditionally. Never to expect they owe you a debt of gratitude. It is, for me, a good lesson learned that I still apply up to this date. Life has thought me that genuine giving is never counting what you gave and expecting them to return it. That, I guess, is the idea of "selfless" giving. The concept of "utang na loob" never convinced me coz when you help and expect, you should’ve just put a price on it in the very beginning. You might as well label it as “utang”. For me, "debt of gratitude" comes from the receiver. If they thank you and are grateful about it, well and good; if they don't, never take it against them. In the first place, you should've set the record straight in the beginning.

So now that I am earning my own money, I do my best to contribute to my relatives in my own little way. I thought it is a good way of giving back my blessings.

I am happy and contented to know that I became an instrument of whatever success they have and will further achieve. That, for me, is a sincere and genuine happiness within. I do not need to count what I gave and impost gratitude from them. If they thank me, that is just a bonus.

I guess I am lucky to have realized that - that is the true sense of giving. Giving never gives you authority or control over the receiver. Satisfaction from within should have been realized if it was genuine.

I sincerely hope that one day, they will achieve more than what I can achieve in my lifetime. I will never be envious, insecure or resentful when I know and have built a foundation of unconditional love within me. 

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  1. Naalala ko tuloy yung mga magkakaibigan / mag-anak na kapag nagkakagalitan ay nagsusumbatan ng mga naitulong nila sa isa't isa, na napakaraniwan din naman sa ating mga Pinoy lol. Kaya dapat mabasa ito ng marami para maliwanagan sila hehehe.


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