Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Insecurity is for the Bullies

People get insecure a lot. They would get you to your limit for no reason but insecurities. Simple or vague, you'll know it when they treat you sarcastically. And although it’s not something new, they get to your nerves. Not until you give them a dose of their own fatal medicine that they realize they have done enough. Funny thing is when they taste the bitter truth of what they do to you; they aggravate especially when ego was stricken. If you can't handle the waves, then don't swim in the ocean. It is always a fair warning to dive at your own risk. It is immature to pick on someone; more so, to get easily aggravated when the bullied fights back.

We all strive to be better in what we do and when someone makes a mockery of it, it becomes magnified even more. Especially when they strike your source of living.

The best thing to do, if you can't say anything nice, just shut up. Insecurity is deadly. As they say, resentment is like drinking a poison and waiting for the other person to die. Whatever you do really gets back on you.

So if you know someone who succeeds in what they do and you don't feel good about it, it is best to say nothing at all. If it will be too hard to compliment, let alone support, just say nothing. Rather than blurting out half meant mean mocking jokes, focus on what you can do to make yourself better.

We all have insecurities; the difference is how we handle it. Would you be immature and act like a bully or focus on letting yourself grow to fill that empty part of yourself.

The later makes you better the previous ruins you.


  1. Naku, I'm against to any kinds of bullying - verbal, physical or kahit sa cyber bullying.
    It's a serious act na dapat i-address immediately. Lalo lang magiging severe ang isang bullying kapag walang magi-interfere or gagawa ng paraan para matigil ito.

    Yes, agree ako sa mga pinost nyo dito sir Ron. Karamihan sa mga bullies today ay mga insecure at inggit sa kapwa nila. Yung mga wala sa kanila na nakikita nila sa iba ay syang nagtutulak sa kanila para gumawa ng mga di magandang bagay. Siguro isang satisfaction sa kanila kapag nakikita nilang nahihirapan yung taong kinaiinggitan nila.

    Karamihan din sa mga bullies ay nakaranas din ng bullying at some part of their lives. Parang gusto lang nilang makaganti at ilabas yung mga sama ng loob nila through bullying others too.

    Pero kahit ano pa man ang reasons ng mga bullies na yan, may karma na katapat yan :)

  2. Gusto ko yung mga nasa huling linya :)
    Oo nga naman, lahat tayo ay may mga insecurities din, depende na lang kung paano natin iha-handle :)

    Yaan na natin sila, pag pinatulan naman kala mo ikaw pa masama, kaloka naman pala hahaha.
    Pero may mga 'tamang patol' din talaga sa mga taong ganyan, hintayin lang nila, makikita mo nganga yang mga yan hahaha.

    1. yup hinayaan ko na sila. just posting this for the sake. hehehe. hoping someone like you can get something from it and i am happy to know you're able to relate.

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