Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Hunt for Experience: Pinto Art Museum

It was, yet again, another ordinary weekend when me and my friend decided to drive up to Antipolo to visit one of its most popular destinations. At least for people like us who fancy arts and culture.

We arrived in a street full of vehicles parked along the premises. It was an old big property giving the vibe of a typical Pinoy ancestral house. We knew we were in for a treat.

We haven't even entered the museum yet but we already couldn't get enough of the art works we see. It was a feast in the eye. We were given a map of the whole area upon registration and I must admit it was more than what I expected. Excitement builds up as we entered the first exhibit near the entrance.

I can only say, it is my type of shit. Everywhere I look is just a picture-worthy view of paintings, sculptures and installations.

We walked out the garden and explored the entire property as much as we could. It was huge. It got me dreaming, I guess any artist would, to one day have a museum like such. Pinto Art Museum has all sorts of contemporary Filipino Arts at its freaking finest. I just could not get enough of all the things we saw around the area. We were like kids in the candy store that time. The entrance fee was definitely worth it. We got more than what we paid for, if you'd ask me. There were tons of paintings to get anyone inspired and elated. It was just gorgeous.

So I encourage you to visit if you have the chance. It is very near the metro and truly worth every peso for gas and entrance fee you can spend.

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