Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015

It has been a year full of valuable lessons and unforgettable experiences for me. This will, probably, be the first time I am doing a recap post in my years of blogging.

2014 started out with an effort to achieve one of my life-long dreams. I thought God has blessed me with so much in the past years so might as well try to achieve my elusive dream. A dream who thought me how to take it easy and wait. i may have set it aside for now; but I am sure as heavens that God has given me my gifts for a reason.

The start of the year was when I also got so passionate in planning and developing my favortie bag design. The bag is so close to my heart that it took me months and endless development before I was able to release it. Up to this date, I still consider the Rebaso bag collection as my best work. If there is one bag design to identify me as an artist, I'd still say it is it.

Feeling proud and excited, I gave birth to my new collection before the summer of 2014. And as we hit the heat wave, there were more than enough destinations we we're so blessed to have gone to. One of my best friends celebrated his birthday in Boracay which marked the start of summer for us. It was with the company of good old and new friends.

My sister from the US came home and decided to treat us for a summer getaway at Laiya San Juan, Batangas. A day of activities satisfied our family's craving for the sun.

A week or two after, my collegues and friends decided to spend a night in the beautiful beach of Sariaya Quezon. We were fortunate enoguh to be hosted by our boss for the accommodation. After an overnight stay, we decided to head off to Tagaytay for a quick lunch, coffee and mass.

Soon after Sariaya came a new experience for us when we tried exploring the waves of La Union. The road trip going there was unforgettable. I enjoyed the experience of staying in a hostel for a night. We learned the basics of surfing; although the waves we're not so surf-friendly at that time.

Summer was also the time when our bag business got featured in the Metro Magazine of ABS-CBN Publishing. It feels exhillirating to see our humble design printed on the publication. Aside from the magazine feature, we also released some pretty cool designs. I was able to satisfy my artistic craving and did some printed bags that featured my fixation on pin up girls. Not just ordinary pin ups, but Pinay Pin Ups. From bags, clutches and pouches we also ventured to Pin Up Pinay abanicos.

Before summer officially ended, we had the opportunity to go on a six-day trip to the beautiful island of Sibuyan Romblon. It was all courtesy of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation in partnership with 2Go Travels. We had the time of our lives exploring the falls, beaches and sceneries of the island.

Work continued in the middle of all those things. I got some new responsibilities, which I am truly passionate about. For our bag business, we decided to focus on company giveaways and bulk orders over retail. The visibility of my designs may have suffered but the income is still nice.

Speaking of exposures, I also had the privilege of doing my first ever TV guesting at ANC’s Shoptalk. I talked mostly about my art and a little about my bag designing business. You know the awkward feeling of hearing your voice over a recorder the first time? That is the exact reason why I never shared the actual footage anywhere in social media.

Another event to be thankful for is the experience of finally attending our first barkada wedding. One of my best friends since high school got married this year; which was technically the first big wedding in the group.

In all of these, I continued to make art. I am grateful for the gift of artistic expression and very proud to have participated in a few group exhibits this year.

Summer was finally over and what better way to welcome the rainy season than spend it at the high lands of Baguio City. It was a time well spent with the company of some close friends. I truly enjoyed the cold and rainy weather of the City of Pines while food-tripping around the city and really just cozying up.

The ‘Ber’ months came fast approaching and another dream of ours came true-twice. Actually, it was like striking 2 birds in a stone. We get to have an out of the country trip for the first time and we were able to finally watch Mariah Carey Live in Singapore. It was fun exploring a foreign place especially when you are there to specifically watch the best diva in the world. We did not get enough of her so we also watched Mariah Live in the Philippines when she got here.

A lot of changes also happened in my blog. As you may have noticed I started some new segments (The Hunt for Experience and The Art Journal Therapy) and truly doing my very best to keep it up. I am glad to finally be able to, at least, keep the pace in the blogging world. As I said, it is a therapy for me.

At my recent posts, I also mentioned I got promoted and became the Editor in Chief of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation’s Newsline. It was not much but another dream beyond my wildest imagination came true.

It was a crazy year, indeed. As I look back I realized I was able to tick off a lot in my bucket list; which is truly something to be so grateful for. I can only be so optimistic for this year. I’d continue to do what I do and strive to be better and bigger. If there is one thing I have learned in 2014 is to avoid over thinking things. Learn how to go with the flow and enjoy the moments. Strike while the iron is hot.

So from our home to yours I wish you the best and happiest 2015.

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