Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Hunt for Experience: I Love Cebu (Day 3)

What to do when in Cebu?

Join me as I go day by day telling you our experiences when we attended the Sinulog Festival in the Queen of the South. This is a four-day series of our hunt for experience during our five-day stay in Cebu.

What to do when in Cebu? 

Since we already accomplished much during our second day in Cebu, we really intended to do mostly nothing but relaxation during the later part of our trip. Third day started quite lazy, yet again, going out of our hotel by lunch time. This time, we met up with our friend at Moooncafe Mexican Food in Cebu’s IT Park. We were delighted with some Mexican delicacies which we truly love. A little Margarita after lunch sealed the deal before we head back to our hotel for a little rest. A little while after siesta, we went straight to another first time experience visiting the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod.

I must say, it was the most spectacular chapel I have ever seen. It was uniquely designed and really very impressive. A quick prayer and some picture-taking before we head back to Cebu City in time for dinner.

When in Cebu, one must never miss experiencing Larsian. It is a food court full of vendors offering grilled meats and seafood. The experience is phenomenal and I would never get tired of talking about it. Soon as you get inside the area, you’ll be approached by different barkers offering a table. Each vendor has their designated tables which are color-coordinated. I say pick the ones that have the most number of people since it must be that good for them to flock around it. So we did get our seats after picking among the raw meats and seafood they were about to grill for us.

A little over 15 minutes of waiting time and we were served with our plates, soda, and disposable plastic gloves. The thing about Larsian is the whole experience of eating with your hands and really digging into it. They will serve a bunch of ‘puso’ (rice covered in banana leaf) and you’ll simply get as many as you can while enjoying your grilled goodies on a stick. I must warn you though, you must be cautious of the number of ‘puso’ you consume; because the size of it may lure you to thinking you were eating less. But nevertheless, eating much of their puso is what completes the whole experience in Cebu.

After dinner we went back to our hotel to rest a bit before preparing for a party down Mango Avenue.

Sinulog is all about the festive street parties. And what better way to spend Friday night than be at Cebu City’s most talked-about venue, The Mango Square. We partied the night away at the Globe’s event with overflowing beer from San Miguel and music by no less than DJ’s Callum David and Mars Miranda. 

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