Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Extra "Happy" Meal

What can a burger, onion rings and apple juice do to make someone feel extra special?

I grew up without the luxury of being able to celebrate my birthday like all the other kids my age. There was one very memorable birthday back in high school when I celebrated alone in my room. And instead of feeling lonely, I decided to go to the mall and ordered everything my P300.00 savings can afford. I remember ordering Burger King's meal with onion rings and apple juice; Dunkin Donuts' brownies; and some other treats from different fast food restaurants that were all simply my favorites. It was a savings well spent. 

Tonight I will be welcoming my special day home alone since all my friends and loved ones are busy and my party will be this coming Saturday anyway. So what better way to say hi to 28 than order my nostalgic Burger King again. Now that I am more blessed, I look back and feel humbled to those days and moments I had when I was growing up. 

So what can this Burger King meal do? It can make a kid feel very special celebrating his birthday alone in his room. It can put "Happy" in Happy Birthday.  


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