Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Learning

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I was feeling a little emo as I look back on the things that had happened in 2014. It was, indeed, a year full of blessings to be grateful for. Then I asked myself, what have I learned in the past year?

Is there a lesson learned in 2014 I can probably carry with me to a better 2015?

We all strive to be best in what we do and I must say, 2014 taught me to humble down in the process. I may have been a little consumed with too much planning that execution suffered.

That is the thing about creating experience, you can’t plan too much. Too much leads to anxiety. I now know that magic comes when you learn to let go with the flow and just be grateful along the way. They say strike while the iron is hot. And that is one lesson I learned while observing the people in showbizness. You see them, you watch them on TV and ask how they become successful in what they do.

You do not get to say ‘No’ to all the blessings that come your way. Go to where your heart and dreams lead you, no hesitations and no fear. Live your passion. 


  1. Happy New Year! :D Have a great one! :D

    - clayman79

  2. happy new yeaaar!
    grabe nasa iisang company yata tayo. :p


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