Monday, December 8, 2014

The Hunt for Experience: My Apt Heima Store

Photo from official website
In our search for the latest, oldest or whatever artsy-farsty café, resto and places in the metro we stumbled upon the My Apt Heima Store inside LRI Design Plaza along Bel-Air II Makati. The moment we entered the store, I immediately noticed the sensual aroma of the whole place. It had me going straight down to the counter and inquire about it. The good thing is, they offer the scent in a form of linen spray. So we all had to buy for our cars. Other than the olive scented spray, the store offers different unique items as well. It is definitely a modern bachelor’s go-to place to get items to put on your pad.


  1. looks nice. sigh ang layo lang ng makati sa qc. haha

    1. pag napadpad nalang ikaw sa makati, might as well visit them. its nice


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