Monday, December 22, 2014

It's That Time of the Year

Christmas is truly fast approaching; and yes, it remains as my favorite part of the year. For me, Pinoy Christmas usually starts when we see the premiere of ABS-CBN’s Christmas Station ID. It signals the start of the festive season full of gift giving, rants about being single and of course, family. The past years have been an amazing experience.

It’s that time of the year where I’d usually add-back the Christmas songs to listen to on my iPod. Mariah and Christina would surely play endlessly as we all enjoy the cool breeze of the Holiday season.  I was no longer the kid who never enjoyed Christmas. My life changed in one eighty. Now I celebrate Christmas with friends and loved ones with more color and festivity.

We now have our annual Christmas routine, which I am truly excited about. Every year we wait for our boss’ gift; which is usually a generous Christmas basket, homemade ham and the bonuses we receive from the company every holidays. After all that, we usually have a long two-week vacation at work where we spend it mostly at home or with friends at the mall or anywhere around the metro. Mostly, I enjoy Christmas shopping and doing the grocery with friends and loved ones.

Our routine would usually be an eve spent at Bulacan with my partner’s family; then we travel back to Manila on the 25th for a celebration with my side. The endless eating and celebration surely adds more pounds but it is all good.


  1. merry christmas sa aking blogger crusheeeee. hihi

    anyway ako baka rumampa sa province sa pasko.
    like now na... choz

    1. blogger crushie talaga. hahaha. belated merry christmas and im wishing you a prosperous 2015.


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