Monday, December 1, 2014

Get Tested

Since 2012, we made it a habit to get tested every summer of the year. A few NGO's conduct free testings anyway so might as well take advantage of it. This way we get to be secured and aware of the importance of having a healthy sex life. Many people may fear it at first. It was one of the most nerve wracking  experience I've had, to be frankly honest. But if you come to think of it, knowing is a better option than living in denial; and possibly spreading if you are infected. It is a "damn if you do damn if you don't" kind of situation so might as well.

I have heard of friends of friends who got infected and passed away due to, usually, pneumonia. Or at least was rumored to have had it as culprit to their sudden passing. But only if they could’ve been tested early, assuming they had it, they could have lived longer I am sure. Since medications are available for free anyway.

The fear, may come from the notion that it is a sexually transmitted disease. But honestly, for me it is just like any other terrible terminal illness. A victim is a victim may it be cancer, AIDS or what not. That feeling of shame from the victim and judgment from others should not exist anymore; especially if we are educated people who understand it well that HIV and AIDS are horrible terminal illnesses. Victims of it need comfort and understanding. We are not to judge but understand, accept and learn.

So I encourage everyone to get your regular testing. Being educated is the key in preventing the spread of the disease. Whether you are reactive or not, what’s important is you give importance to your life. It is never too late anyway. Nothing is too late.


  1. Korek lahat sinabi mo. And people with AIDS should not be judge, cause not all of them got their illness from having s*x, there are so many factors. And I also want to include that people should stop believing the myth that AIDS is from homosexuals. Very discriminating.

    1. i agree. well, it might take time but i think we are getting there.


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