Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Hunt for Experience (Singapore Edition): Bittersweet Moments

The last day of our Singapore trip was a bittersweet moment.

We decided to meet our friends for a heavy brunch at The Food Republic in Vivo City. I was finally able to taste the famous Singaporean Laksa. I personally enjoyed the entire place full of different Chinese and Singaporean restaurants. After our meal, we headed back home and checked out before going to Changi International Airport.

We reached the airport early so we decided to check out the duty free stores around. We thought we needed to fuel ourselves up so we opted to have our early Singaporean dinner for the last time. I had to make the most out of it so I ordered Coffee Kaki’s Chicken Curry meal partnered with Sambal Chili. It was a chili that got me ecstatic. I truly enjoyed and look forward to finding a bottle I can purchase in the Philippines.

Overall, our SG trip was truly amazing. It was short, tiring but all fun and memorable. I can’t wait to have the chance and go back there again to try the rest of the stuff we missed. The culture, people and places we went to were simply spectacular. I guess now I know the beauty of exploring a foreign land and experiencing the highs and lows in between. Destinations are beautiful, but the journey is even more amazing.


  1. Happy to know you had a good though short holiday. :)

  2. The last line echoes why I travel a lot. I will be in Singapore next year and I already know what I will be visiting, including the restos you visited.

    1. Thanks for considering. yeah, i agree you should try it


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