Monday, November 3, 2014

The Hunt for Experience (Singapore Edition): Culture Shop

We woke up excited to see the city in broad daylight. Little India is a feast in the eyes. I enjoyed strolling around the area and discovering their rich culture. There were a lot of stores where you can buy gadgets, chocolates and other merchandise. So we didn’t waste our time and started shopping around the area. We got tired and found ourselves dinning in one of Singapore’s pride, Toast Box. Of course we had to try their traditional breakfast meals and compare it to the Philippines version.

After our breakfast, we had to meet our friend who just got off the plane that morning. With no specific itinerary, we strolled around Singapore like little kids in a park. I guess that is the beauty of being in a foreign land for the first time. You’ll never know what is in store for you, you enjoy the experience of discovering and learning new things.

After a tiring walk, we met up with an online friend who works in Singapore for a lunch treat. He brought us to Marche Restaurant along Orchard Road. It was a healthy feast of food cooked right before our eyes. I loved the concept of the whole restaurant where they give you your order card so you can go around the entire place to choose your food. There was an array of food where you can tap your card in to have it cooked for you. It was a fun experience for us.

After a good lunch, we had to go a little more shopping down Orchard Road. We stumbled upon the famous ice cream stand along the street so we had to try it. They say it is a Singapore must try. So we enjoyed munching on the famous Ice cream sandwich under the scorching heat of the Singapore sun. a few more shopping before reaching the Pinoy hub, Lucky Plaza Shopping Center. It was as if we never got out of our country since the whole place was full of our kababayans who work and live there. We felt right at home.

We were exhausted so we opted to go back our place to rest a bit before enjoying the night.


  1. It was Little India as well where I stayed since they have some of the cheapest accomodations but that gazillion years ago. Time to pack my bags and head back to Singapore. Will follow this postings for more updates.

    1. Thanks. and yes, they still have the cheapest accommodations. I super love the festive culture there


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