Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Hunt for Experience: 14 Four Café

I have heard so much about this café in Taytay from my friends so I had to experience it. It was a short ride to reach the art garden café along Magnolia Ln. in Taytay Rizal. It looks like an old ancestral house with a very huge and beautiful garden converted into an art garden café. I wanted to experience its beauty so we decided to sit outside. It was indeed breathtaking. The café’s ambiance gives you the cozy vibe given the fresh air brought by the humongous trees surrounding it. The food was Ok too. But I’d go here to experience the place more than the food. It is a nice go-to place to relax on a weekend and spend time with friends. The thing is, they only open on weekends from Friday to Sunday starting at 10 in the morning. I highly recommend you to try out the beautiful hidden café of Taytay.


  1. They only serve all-day brunch meals?

    1. They have quite a variety of meals not limited to all-day brunch.


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