Thursday, November 27, 2014

Neglecting Nostalgia

It always feels good to go back to the classic. I truly enjoy digging up old things and discovering the wonders of my kept stuff in the closet. The nostalgic feeling you get rediscovering an old habit is priceless. Lately, I have been into de-cluttering and going over my old journals and songs I have written over the years. As personal as it seemed, I felt excited to be starting and sharing it, this time, through my blog.

With the current technology we have, I was a victim of neglecting nostalgia. Sure it is easier and more convenient to be writing down notes and all other ideas over an iPad or smart phones. But looking back on it after a few years may not create the same magic I feel every time I look into old notebooks and journals. Modern technology may not show you how angry you were while writing a certain idea unlike when you actually write it on a paper. Technology cannot show how heavy your strokes were during that moment. That organic and authentic feel, the smell and the look is something irreplaceable by whatever gadget we have today.

From keeping a journal to blogging, now it is time to merge the two classic things I love to do. How about you, when was the last time you wrote anything on your journal? This post is not just to go down memory lane but to encourage you to start your own throwback journaling again. It can be surprisingly therapeutic and fun.

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