Friday, November 14, 2014

Randoseru Dream

My boss with his parents and boyfriend recently went to the land of the rising sun for a short vacation. Of course I had to ask for pasalubong and I only have one thing in mind, The Randoseru Bag. I thought I have always wanted one. It was a childhood dream of mine. Not knowing half of where I came from, I have always wanted a piece. And this bag may have represented my childhood longing for a culture I’ve missed.

So finally, a dream came true for me. It was an expensive piece, I know, but my boss and his boyfie still got it as an early Christmas present. So I am forever thankful. The bag designer finally got his dream bag.


  1. I searched for info about this bag and my oh my, it has a history attached to it and what a marvellous one. The bag is pricey as well but because it can last a lifetime. What an expensive pasalubong! Your boss probably LOVES you!

  2. Replies
    1. diba!? doesn't it remind you of Japanese school kids back in the day. hehehehe

  3. Ang bag ng mga batang hapon!!! wow wow wow. ang kyuuuutttttt... I lavet.

  4. nice bag! :) I echo mark that it is reminiscent of Japanese primary school students! :)

  5. just when i was thinking of getting an "adult" backpack, you gave me a great idea. thanks...

  6. Your boss and his boyfriend are very sweet and thoughtful. :)


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