Monday, November 17, 2014

Meteorites: The Superficial Music Industry Served in this Generation

What happened to our music now?

I grew up in the nineties to early twenties where we were best called, the MTV generation. It was, in my opinion, the perfect era where vision and music collided and produced wonders. Back in the day, musicality is well considered more than the visual marketing aspects of it. People won’t call you a “Singer” if you actually can’t sing.

I have nothing against the artists of today, but don’t you think it is too much marketing over music already?

People buy the gimmicks and packaging more than the quality of the songs. A little ‘eh eh’ here and ‘oh oh’ there gives them the license to call it “Music”.

Nowadays, if you wanna be a musical artist, you have to be extra creative and be sellable rather than be musically talented. You can’t carry a note, who cares? There is auto tune now. Shout a little and it can be mixed, produced and edited into a well blended note. It makes me sad to realize how things turned out in the current generation.

Does the current music we have still bring inspiration to people or is it just for pure entertainment?

I missed the days when people buy albums to actually listen to the whole thing and be musically inspired with the lyrics or admire the vocals of a certain artist. Now, people buy albums so they can have something to listen to on their way to work - a very shallow reasoning why they love the artist. It is very seldom to hear quality music, let alone a whole album, nowadays.

When was the last time you first listened to a song and got so excited that you felt it was magical?

Music has definitely evolved where most artists would market a single for practical reasons rather than the whole album itself. Now it is very seldom for me to actually be ecstatic and overly excited to get a certain album, unless it is from the artists I've grown to love. Am I just stuck in the music of the past or our music has evolved into a disappointing state?

When was the last time you got excited about a certain part of the song where the singer had a very distinctive vocal calisthenics?

Yes, in the nineties we actually paid attention to those details. Now, you remember a song because of its beat or its rhythmic hooks of ‘eh eh’ and ‘oh oh’.

Gone are the days when artist can generate a solid fan base who will support and be gaga over what they do. Lady Gaga, for instance, was once soaring at the top of the charts. But a little rest and a disappointing album gets the diva’s career down the drain. At least for now, I hope.

I bet artists these days think of the music as a secondary thing when conceptualizing an album. Real singers are not being recognized the way they should be anymore. With the modern technology and access to music production, the value of a good music has drastically decreased. You can easily and practically produce a whole album at home by yourself if you have the proper tools and software.

So can we really blame the music producers of today if they rest their fates in the comforts of packaging and gimmicks?

If Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Adelle (current divas who can actually sing) would have had their careers back in the nineties, I think they will sell more than what they do now. So kudos to them who still make it in this world full of superficialities.

Now while I was thinking of this entry, I was in sudden enlightenment when I remembered one of Mariah’s current song, Meteorite. It is part of her latest effort dubbed, Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse. As you know I am a big fan; but only now that I realized how brilliant and artistic the song was written. It is a shady metaphorical song about a bright falling star. As she quoted, “Andy Warhol said, in the future, everybody will be world-famous for fifteen minutes”.

Almost everyone knows that Mariah is a shady diva who takes pride of her career’s longevity in the music industry. We have to give it to her though. She said on some interviews that she refused to join in the bandwagon of the current style in music, Electronic and Dance. True to its form, the entire album did not contain any EDM except for the song Meteorite.

Could it be a mockery of the current music we have now; or a shady insult to the artists ruling the charts who has the guts to call themselves ‘singers’?

What I do know is that it was brilliantly written and artistically produced to convey its message and purpose. It speaks exactly what I feel in the current music being played over the radio. Music as they say is a form of art and art is a reflection of our culture.

If the current art we have reflects superficiality, then what is in store for the people of the next generation?And how about our local Filipino music?

I guess that should be in another post.


  1. "A little ‘eh eh’ here and ‘oh oh’ there gives them the license to call it “Music”."
    - Natawa ako sa linyang ito... pa'no naman kasi, totoo! :)

    Sa kabilang banda, iniisip ko na lang na marahil ang modernong panahon ngayon ay nagbigay ng 'chance' sa mga gustong maging 'singer / artist / musician' etc... kahit alam na naman natin na marami pang mas matatawag na 'singer' etc kumpara sa kanila.

    Ano man ang mangyari, lumulutang pa rin naman ang mga totoong artist... di nga lang madalas mapansin o natatangkilik, dahil sa pagsunod sa kung ano ang 'hit' ngayon sa music.

    Well... iba na talaga.

    1. naniniwala akong darating parin naman ang panahon na pagsasawaan ng tao ang trend ngayun at babalik tau sa pag appreciate ng mga tutuong singers talaga. nag iiba, umiikot ang music industry gaya ng ibang form ng art


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