Thursday, November 13, 2014

Get It Together: Ways to Keep Your Sanity

I consider writing, arts and the rest of what I am doing as a therapy. From all the stress I get with the elements around me every day, it became my escape and sanctuary. Lately I have been doing some measures to keep my sanity intact and the nostalgia flowing. Apparently, blogging can sometimes be inadequate to be inspired and keep the creative juices flowing. Maybe you can use these tips too. Here are some of the tips I give to friends to keep everything going and intact:
  • Keep a Journal – whether it be an art journal if you feel like being extra creative, scrap books or just a plain writing diary, it is my staple intervention to whatever life brings in me. It is my own cheap therapy. The value of documenting your thoughts and ideas is priceless. You sort of immortalize it through pen and paper. It is never a cheesy thing to do. If you’re too paranoid that someone might read it, go invent your own secret alphabet. That’s what I did back when I was in elementary and had no luxury of privacy. One rule though is that you never scrap off a page in it. It’s a room where you can make grammatical errors, cheesy entries and crappy ideas. Make it your sanctuary and write on it for yourself and not for anyone else. It should serve as an emotional outlet.
  • Limit SNS Access – Back in the day, we had limited access to the internet and amazingly we were able to get through our everyday tasks very well. So now, I am doing my best to limit my access to social networking sites as well. It turned out making me more productive and organic. I get to interact with people on a personal basis rather than digital. It made me appreciate Social Media more; now that I usually access it only at home. High accessibility kills the excitement of checking your accounts for new messages, happenings and all other things in between. At least this time, it compliments my goal to go back to the basics; I get to write entries for my blog, entries for my journal and create art works to go with it.
  • Put Art In It – in everything you do, it won’t hurt to be a little creative about it. Everything is enhanced with art, you know. As I always believed everyone is an artist in their own respective rights. So try putting a little color or creativity into it. It doesn’t have to be so beautiful for the world to appreciate. As long as you are able to express your thoughts and emotions in an artistic way, it is more than enough.

Going back to basics in doing things is of necessary in a world full of digital chaos. You post a tweet today and people forget about it after a minute. In this fast paced environment; you sometimes need to slow down, take a break and go back to where it all started. Who knows, the things you write on your boring basic journal today can be the source of fun and nostalgia in your future. 


  1. secret alphabet :)
    ginawa ko rin ito hahaha

    tapus pinapakita ko pa nga sa ilang mga kaklase ko nung high school,
    at ang saya ng feeling na hindi nila ito mabasa lol

    1. natatandaan mo pa ung secret alphabet mo? post mo rin bili. hehehehe


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