Monday, November 10, 2014

Does Longevity Equates Popularity?

As time flies, changes occur; and so is the blog world. New sets of gay bloggers are emerging and this time they are more adventurous in terms of getting and telling their life experiences. It may not be as thematic or playful as before, but at least we still get to read posts about someone else’s sex and love life. Blogging on that arena hasn’t died yet, apparently. I wonder though, does longevity equates popularity in the blogging world? Which is better?

With the rest of social media and micro blogging sites that exist nowadays, is blogging considered a thing of the past? A classic like Friendster? Are we to blame Path, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the rest for this?

I feel like blogging still has that certain premium-feel into it; something authentic, time consuming and an effort-inducing activity.  I salute those bloggers who stick to what they do for the sake of blogging and not anything else. I admire those who blog so they can express and write their stories not just to be recognized but simply to get it out there. Longevity, indeed, does not equate popularity. The later may just be a bonus but the most important thing is to stay and be true to what its purpose is.


  1. Been blogging since 2007 and as mentioned before, I am into it because blogging is my digital diary. It is just a bonus that I get to meet some bloggers along my journey.

    1. I consider the latter a reward but the previous is the main purpose. the reason for blogging. kudos fellow blogger!


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