Tuesday, October 28, 2014

To My Mentor

Almost four years ago I met an intimidating guy. He can easily be categorized as a hottie with his muscular built and beautiful features. However, for some reason, I never felt any sexual attraction towards him. And I was sure to my feelings that we'd get along well despite our differences.

Today marks his third birthday since we crossed paths and I could never be more grateful. He was one of the few people who genuinely believed in me. When I was starting out to do what I am doing now, he was the person who opened doors for me. He was someone I go to for advice or simply tell my dreams and plans in life. And so I can only be forever grateful for all of what he did.

In my years of blogging, this would be the first time I'd write a post about this guy, with no anonymity. So happy birthday to my mentor, friend and boss, Paul Vincent Mercado.


  1. Wow, you're lucky to have found a person to open opportunities for you. Happy birthday to your mentor. :)


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