Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Hunt for Experience: Rodic’s Diner

We arrived in Manila from an overnight stay in Bulacan around 8 in the evening. We were feeling famished from the long trip and contemplating on where to have dinner.

I thought I kind of missed eating my ultimate favorite food, tapsilog. So where else to get a very affordable tapsilog than the famous Rodic’s Diner situated inside the UP Shopping Center in Diliman. And even though I am not from UP, I appreciate the history and culture of the whole place. It is always so nice to take a trip down our state university once in awhile. It simply gives you that relaxing and carefree vibe like you were back in college again.  

photos by @misteralegredotcom


  1. I've never had Rodic's but they say it's soooo good!

    1. It is good. It will make u remember ur college years of cheap but good college food


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