Monday, October 13, 2014

The Hunt for Experience (Baguio Edition): The Superclub Experience vs. Kaffeeklatsch

As the night falls, the weather in Baguio became so much better. We get the mist of the day’s rainfall but there was totally zero raindrop. It was the perfect night to go out and party. We researched the best destination there is and found ourselves in line at Spade Superclub in Crowne Legacy Hotel. A bottle of beer after, we decided to get out. I don’t know if it is our age speaking or are we just really not into clubbing anymore. We got bored seeing the youngsters have the time of their lives while we stand in a corner contemplating where our lives went after all these years. Is it a generation gap?

Anyway, we ended up going out of the club convinced that it is no longer our thing. We decided to have coffee at Baguio’s ever so famous, Kaffeeklatsch. It was the same as usual. The nice ambiance of an art rustic café with hot coffee and an amazing live band playing set the entire mood for a relaxing cool night. We enjoyed talking about our day’s adventure before heading back to our hotel.


  1. hay.

    gusto kong umakyat ng baguio...... well ilang beses ko na yatang nasabi dito yun. haha


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