Saturday, October 11, 2014

North Haven Spa: Still Feels Like the First Time

Another best thing you can do when you visit Baguio is to experience the best spa in the world, at least in my opinion. The North Haven Spa is my ultimate favorite whenever we visit the summer capital of our country. I have blogged about it once and I will never get tired to recommend it to anybody. It is probably one of the things I look forward when I visit Baguio.

The Spa offers different packages involving a combination of different techniques to ease the muscle tension you have from a busy tour in Baguio. For first timers, I would highly recommend you to try their famous Strawberry Scrub and massage package. This time I had to try their two-hour massage for a change. It was simply the best. Experiencing it again feels exactly like the first time. I will never get tired of North Haven Spa. Visit them at Ferguson Road for a total highland experience.


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