Sunday, October 19, 2014

Between the Want and the Need

One Sunday while hearing the mass at Church, I noticed a lady who arrived in the middle of the priest's homily. Her hair was still wet, maybe from the shower, and she was standing beside where I was seated. She would look at me momentarily as if telling me to give my seat up for her. Not that I don't respect her being a female and all but there were other seats available in the area. I think she wants my seat coz the fan directly hits it. I paid no mind until she must have realized I am hopeless so she went sitting on another bench; which was just in front of me. I don't really mind giving my seat to a lady but if you want a good seat at Church, it is best to come in early. I would have given my seat to her though if there were no other seats available in the area but there were a lot. It’s a question whether she needs my seat or she just wants it. Obviously it was what she wanted but I did not tolerate. She’s freakin late to her appointment with God, for crying out loud.


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