Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Trip to Fantasy

It has been a year. A photo that looks so relaxing and cozy over Facebook triggered the hunger for me to open it up. I told some of my friends I wanted to revisit Baguio. I needed it to be inspired. Recently I was consumed with so much work that I forgot about life’s balance. So one long weekend we decided to do so.

One of my friends recently bought a car, so what better way to break it in than a trip to the summer capital of the Philippines. I’ve always loved Baguio. It gives a certain vibe of coziness that anyone can be inspired to write something, be artistic, be romantic or just simply relax and enjoy the rich culture and history of Baguio.  Guess it is all about the cool and musty atmosphere that gives me that sudden urge to do something artistic. It is the best place for me to be motivated and inspired.

Lucky for us it only takes 4 hours to reach the city of pines. So we pulled out around 3 in the morning and we reached Baguio around 7. The rainy season gives Baguio an added breeze of coziness.

I have always had that fantasy of having an old house in Baguio while I write my books beside the fireplace or paint art works for my own gallery slash garden café.  Oh it is a dream. But for now, it’s enough to enjoy it for at least a couple of days.


  1. Hays. I've never been to Baguio </3

    1. you should try it there. it is one of my fave place to relax

  2. Baguio is also my favourite place to visit. I always long for its greeneries and weather but my last visit was a realization that Baguio is losing its appeal because of constructions and the increasing population. However I will still put Baguio as my retirement place because it holds strong memories of people and families.


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