Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Marble Capital of the Philippines (Day 3)

Our last day was just all about packing up for our journey back home. We pulled out early so we can reach the Island of Romblon for our scheduled tour.

First destination was the historical church of Romblon where we dropped by to say a little prayer. Romblon, of course, will never be Romblon without their finest marble products to offer. On that note, we immediately went to the local municipal office to have a quick bite before heading to the marble factory where we witnessed the process of crafting the intricate artistry of Romblon marbles.

After a quick tour at the factory, we headed towards the Fort of San Fernando to experience a throwback moment with the majestic ruins of the place. Mostly, of course, we enjoyed our trip to the Marble Shopping Center, just before we get in the ferry, where you can purchase their wonderful and world-class marble crafts of different shapes, sizes, function, etc. You can even ask them to etch your name in it or have a customized item as pasalubong back home.

Overall, the whole experience was more than what I expected. Sibuyan Island is definitely more than just the typical tourist destination. With it dubbed as the “Galapagos of Asia” for it being an isolated and undiscovered beauty; now I am convinced that our country has more to offer than our existing famous beaches. This, by far, has been a very memorable trip for me. I highly recommend it to all of my friends who are looking for team-building destinations or just simply a barkada adventure next summer. With a specific rate offered by the Green Initiative project of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, you can experience the same or even more adventure than what we had.

More importantly, the whole trip was for the purpose of strengthening the community based eco-tourism of the island. People must experience and realize the beauty of the Philippines and what it can offer. This can be beneficial for both the tourist and the locals as they create more livelihood opportunities through eco-tourism.

Aside from having one of the best adventures you’ll ever experience, you get to help the community of Sibuyan Island by giving them livelihood and preventing them to engage in activities that may ruin the beauty of our mother earth.

I encourage you to visit and inquire on the latest promo package there is by the Green Initiative of ALKFI.


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