Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ningas Kugon is Better Than No Effort at All

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “Try and try until you succeed”? And lately, it has been my mantra in terms of the changes happening and should happen in my life. I quit smoking and succeeded to be nicotine-free for almost 3 months now. It was cold-turkey and I feel so proud about it.

Every Sunday at Church I always pray that God would give me the motivation to live a healthier life. It started with a miraculous sudden urge to stop smoking. Yes, I consider it a miracle even I couldn’t understand well. It has always been an excuse for me not to do well in becoming fit and taking care of my body. I always thought before, I can never give my hundred percent if I continue to smoke so might as well not make an effort.

For whatever excuse or reasoning, I reached a very unhealthy state of becoming the obese that I am today. This is currently the heaviest and the most negligent I have ever been in my health. I used to care about my diet and exercise before; but with all the excuses and reasoning, I became the monster that I am today. A monster who does not care about my body.

I never realized the effects of it until now. I noticed, I never had the urge and confidence to go out and have fun. I am afraid. I fear that people would judge me for how I look. I feel so insecure. So lately I’d rather stay at home and watch TV all day rather than do things on a weekend like what I used to do before.

I know it is killing me and I felt fortunate to have a sudden wake up call, yet again.

Sure I’ve made the first step; which is to quit smoking. Next best thing is to lose the freakin weight I gained over the years. Looking good may come as a secondary benefit but this time I am doing it for my health. I am well aware that I have chronic hypertension and never really did anything about it. I thought I’m too young to be paying any mind on it. Being a nurse, I know it is very negligent of me.

So now I am here again, wanting to have a healthy change. I know when I tell it to my friends they would laugh and say the usual; I’m “Ningas Kugon”. But hey, like my motivation when I started quitting smoking, it is better to make an effort than do nothing at all.

If I had listened and be affected with what my friends told me when I was starting out, I wouldn’t be where I am at today, almost 3 months of zero cigarettes. So I say it should go the same as losing weight, convince myself and not others that I can do it.


  1. Uhm, better late than never? :D Good luck Sir. And congratulations to your three nicotine-free months!

    1. i agree. thanks! i feel so proud about it. i hope to encourage others too... hehehehe

  2. Sabi nga sa commercial ng Milo, "Great thing starts from small beginnings!"

    Hindi naman agaran or overnight na mangyayari ang gusto mong maging changes sa body mo. It takes time.

    You've already made the first step by quitting cigarette smoking. Sana sunod naman ung para sa ideal weight mo for your body.

    Goodluck sir and thanks for following my blog :)

    1. it is my pleasure to follow sir. and thank you for commenting. yes, i was raised with that jingle so might as well apply it to life: great things start from small beginnings." grew up with coffee though. LOL

  3. At least you've made your first step, right? :)

    Keep your head up high and keep pushing. :)

  4. Go! Nararamdaman kong kaya mo yan :)
    (feelingero ako hahaha)

    Tama ka na kung nagawa mong hindi manigarilyo sa loob ng ilang buwan, kakayanin mo rin ang magbawas ng timbang.

    Ako naman kailangan kong magdagdag ng timbang lols.

    1. palit nalang tau. hehehe. i hope i can really do it.

  5. its nice to know na you quit smoking na. Go for healthy living ☺


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