Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Maranan-Antonio

A little over 10 years ago back in high school, our little friendship flourished. Since then, we became unbreakable. We have had differences, a lot actually, but it didn’t stop us from being the best of friends over the years. Juvenile as it seemed, we were collectively known as FADEYNYT. It was a name we formulated representing the last letters of our first names. Yes, there were 8 of us: 3 gay guys including me, 3 dedicated moms, 1 career-oriented woman, and now another just-got-married-soon-to-be-mom.

Even though 3 of the five girls have their own families already, none of them had a big wedding like the fourth so I was pretty excited about it. This will be our first ever FADEYNYT Church wedding. So we sponsored as much help they can get, in our own little way of course. And even though the budget was limited like any usual wedding, we enjoyed helping one of our best friends to make it to her special day. I get to say a little message during the reception and I only had to thank and welcome the groom to our family. Most importantly, I said, Marriage is never really about the extravaganza of the special day but the days after it is what counts the most.

We’ve seen so many big weddings ending up in annulment or separation, which only proves my statement correct. But I am in high hopes and super positive that they can really make it happen. I have seen the couple grew throughout the years and they have definitely been through a lot. This time, I know, they are on a new chapter in their lives and I can only wish them the best. I am also excited for their little one coming soon. So congratulations to my friend, Cynthia Maranan-Antonio and, of course, the ever so handsome groom, Lee Airol Antonio. I wish you guys success, happiness and a lifetime full of joy and togetherness.


  1. hongkut naman nung semikal sa dulong left ng second pic. ahihi

    anyway cool! shet excited na rin akong may ikasal sa high school barkada ko! :)
    sana next year meron nang ikasal sa kanila! hehe

  2. ps

    #awkward ikaw pala yuuuuuun. hahahaha

    :p kilig much. haha

    1. Hahaha #bolero LOL. But thanks. Sure it is exciting to see your childhood friend get married. :-)

    2. haha grabe tapos artist ka paaa. shet nakakainlab! nyahaha

    3. wow! ewan ko sau. hahahaha. salamat sa pag comment though. :-)


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