Friday, September 26, 2014

Mariah Moment Dahlin’

Mariah Carey recently released a new album called, “Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse” and as a lamb, I was super excited. I had to buy her physical album for my collection but also purchase her digital album in iTunes since it was released first and also to see if there was any difference. Unfortunately, the album did not sell well than expected. Nevertheless, I still loved it. As a fan I have to say, Mariah is already a classic no questions asked. She can release an album for her fan’s sake but she definitely has proven enough in terms of salability. On that note, she is now prepping up for her Asian tour, which got us more excited.

Back in 2003 when she came to the Philippines for her Charmbracelet Tour, I was in full disappointment not to be able to watch. I had no money back then for I was still in high school. But over the years I’ve sworn to myself that if this day comes when she decides to go back to the Philippines or in any of our neighboring country, all hell breaks loose but I must have a front row seat.

So this is the time I’ve been waiting for, she’s coming back. With that, my partner and I had to cancel our Hong Kong trip to prioritize Mariah. Yes, dropping everything off like a hot potato is of the essence when we talk about Mariah. We chose to watch it at Singapore though for it was way cheaper. For the price we had to pay for a VIP ticket in Manila is same for a concert and Singapore tour package we get in SG. It is way more practical since we get to hit 2 birds in a stone - in this case, a songbird and the Merlion experience, actually.

The Manila concert is easier to pull off for us, I’m thinking. We can probably pull off some strings to be able to watch it for free, but the experience in Singapore should be unlike any other. I am super excited. In fact, I am such a big geeky fan that I demanded friends not to watch the show with me. It is a moment I have been waiting for forever. I don’t want any of my friends to be seeing me cry, coz for sure I am gonna cry when I see her up front.  I’ve been visualizing that moment for years! See I have this reputation of being a cold-hearted bitch and I know Mariah is the person next to my Mama who can make me cry. So my friends are definitely off limits to my corny crying moment.   

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