Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fresh Start. Again.

I may have lost track of how many times I have been on hiatus and came back on writing for my blog. The repetitive negligence to write has been a habit and I could never feel guiltier. However, with so many things, or less, happening in my life; inspiration may have been placed in the back corner of my mind.

The fuel to keep me going was probably blocked with all sorts of different unidentifiable things until a wakeup call came recently. An online friend messaged me asking what had happened. He wonders where I have been from being so visible everywhere and doing so many things to now being so idle and invisible.

I have, admittedly, monsters inside me that I have to deal with in order to overcome this habit. I will never promise to be better though, but at least I am taking another first step. I put aside art and business for something I know is never worth so much of my time and now I have to go back.

The beauty of it all is the pressure only comes from me. So yeah, we need a fresh start. Again.


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