Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Experiencing the Galapagos of Asia (Day 2)

We woke up around 5:00 in the morning to prep ourselves up to a whole day of activities. Our morning was greeted well by the overlooking morning dew of Guiting-guiting Mountain from our hotel room. Off we went for a heavy breakfast in the hotel. Right after, we took a long two-hour drive going across the other side of the island.

Scavenger Hunt at Dagubdub Falls

We reached the beautiful grounds before Dagubdub falls in San Fernando where we had a little brunch prepared by the community. It was such a joy to have our festive meal underneath a very old balete tree. After which, we grouped ourselves to start the scavenging hunt on our way to the Dagubdub Falls.

It was fun, exhausting but very enjoyable to play the game with the community people. We had to go in and around the lush forest before we were able to reach the breath-taking scenery at Dagubdub falls. We had to experience at least 3 levels of the falls and got to swim, dive and relax. Rain starts to fall when we were already loading up the vehicle to our next destination. Yet again, to experience the fun of it, we top loaded the jeepney amidst the heavy rain.

Bila-bila Falls Sliding

By the time we reached our next destination, we were already dried up from the sudden heat of the sun during our jeepney top load ride. We had our lunch courtesy of the community in Bila-bila where we were served with their fresh water shrimp, and all other delectable food native in their island.

It was the longest trek in our trip; but seeing the majestic forest of Bila-bila on our way to the falls is definitely all worth it. I have to say, it was the most enjoyable falls we’ve tried in our whole trip. The Bila-bila falls offers a natural slide that anyone can safely enjoy. We love it so much that we were able to slide numerous times before our facilitator called it a day.

As soon as we got back to the ground, we were offered a delicious miriyenda, yet again, prepared with love by the community. It was such a fantastic experience that everyone was talking about it even until we reached our next destination.

Boat Racing at Cadjidiocan

Before dinner, we had to try another strenuous activity prepared by our facilitator. I have never experienced boat racing so might as well try it.

The community fishermen in Cadjidiocan were all willing and ready to lend us their boats for the race. We were a team of 4 who raced our way from a point in the sea to the shore. It was exhausting as expected but each has an experience like no other. It ended up with all of us laughing and telling each other’s thoughts and moments during the whole race.

Dinner at Cadjidiocan

We took a little rest while we waited for the others who did biking along the streets of Cadjidiocan. The Local officials of the municipality, together with the community, prepared a very nice dinner for all of us. It was at the function grounds of one of the officer’s home; and we we’re treated first class all the way. Mostly, I enjoyed the community tribe who played their piece using their award-winning local instrument made of selected bamboo and wood. It was a delight to experience Cadjidiocan in that little amount of time given to us.

Day 2 ended with a nice bath back in our hotel room before hitting the sack early.

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