Friday, September 19, 2014

Anger is Just a Phase

Early this morning I was reading my favorite magazine on our way to the office when I stumbled upon an article discussing “Anger”. I thought it was funny that I used to believe it is one of the most important thing that one should have in order to survive.

That was, honestly, a thing in the past. When my life was clouded full of anger that are mostly unidentified and had built itself in me over the years. It became my comfort zone that I have mistakenly identified it for security.

I went through a transition, a very long one, before I came to an understanding that anger should just be a phase in order to move on.


  1. Anger is the second phase of grieving, after Denial and before Bargaining. It is essential in order to move on. What is unnatural though is when one lingers in it for an extended period of time. I'm glad you're past that now. :)

  2. I agree that anger should just be a phase. I personally hate it when I dwell with negative emotions.

  3. @sepsep and @rei: yup i agree. Fortunately i woke up from a very long trance. Took me some time but at least i was able to get through it.

  4. hey thanks for following my blog. :)
    sana hindi ka magsisi. haha

    anyway it's good that you got through your angry phase na. well it's okay to be angry kasi anger humanises us pero pag sumobrang extension na ng galit... monster na tawag dun. hehe


  5. buti na lang nakita ko yung komento ni KC, nahiya naman ako magatagalog sa blog na english hehehe :)

    sa case ko naman (as if may pake ang mundo hahaha) lagi nila akong tinatanong kung pa'no ako magalit lols...

    i'm glad you made it through the 'anger phase' (yey english hahaha).

  6. @kc and @jep: well it's all accumulated anger, i guess, from childhood and all. Lesson learned na sana wag mangyari sa iba. Anger can sometimes be a comfort zone if unidentified well. Kaya this post is a reminder, it should just be a phase. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts guys.


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